Our Staff

Our School  Superintendent:

Paul Sydor

Assistant to Superintendent: Fiona Sutherland

Our Trustees:

Meagan Ruddock

Bruce Smith

 2019 2020 STAFF

Your Office Team:

Sarah van der Westen-Principal

Melissa HarrisLemko-Secretary


Your Custodial Team:

Becky Berdan-Charge Custodian



Early Years Teams:

Tara McCready, Jennifer Adams--Room 131

Stacey Shackelton, Alyssa Derouchie--Room 132

Jennifer McMillan, Paula VanVelzer--Room 133

Melissa Kuhn, Charlene Ierullo--Room 134

Carrie Couse, Laura Porter--Room 112


Primary Teachers:

Danica Daykin: Grade 1

Deneen Kebbel: Grade 1

Stacey Nash: Grade 1

Tracey Holmes: Grade 1/2

Auralee Major:  Grade 2

Jodi Taylor: Grade 2/3

Sarah Pye: Grade 2/3

Kimberly Kirschner:  Grade 3

Nicole Marath: Grade 3

Michelle Petker:  Grade 3


Specialized Teachers:

Shannon Foster:  Kindergarten Prep Specialist/Primary PREP

Kristen Egener Black:  Learning Support Teacher

Kim Craig:  Primary Arts Teacher

Robert Ambrose:  Primary Prep

Anna Begemann:  English as a Second Language


Our Educational Assistants:

Jill Vording, Jillian Secord, Tracy Bates, Sara Giesbrecht


Our Social Work/Counselling Staff:

Shelley Carrol:  School Social Worker/Attendance Support

Kristen Bogart-Smith:  School Support Counsellor


Your child's teacher has been carefully selected by the entire school team, according to a number of variables.  Please trust that these decisions are not made lightly and we believe are in the best interest for the classroom.    We work together to ensure common goals and priorities and value your contribution to your child's education.