Our Staff

Our School Superintendent:

P. Sydor

Our Trustees:

M. Ruddock

B. Smith

2023/2024 STAFF

Office Team:

Principal: Laura Held

Administrative Assistant: Paula Temple


Custodial Team:

Charge Custodian: Lori Jewell

Calvin Catherwood


Early Years Educator Team:

Tara McCready 

Carrie Couse, Laura Porter

Stacey Shackelton, Paula VanVelzer

Kristen Egener-Black, Jennifer Adams


Primary Team:

Grade 1: Amanda Stafford

Grade 1: Deneen Kebbel

Grade 1/2: Danica Daykin

Grade 2: Bev Lessard

Grade 2: Tracy Holmes

Grade 2/3: Kim Cavaliere

Grade 3: Nicole Marath

Grade 3: Michelle Petker


Specialist Educator Team:

Learning Support (LST): Auralee Major

The Arts: Kim Craig

Outdoor Learning: Melissa Kuhn

Teacher Librarian/Prep: Kourtney Azzopardi (LTA)

Classroom Literacy Support (CLST)/LST: Stacey Nash


Educational Assistant Team:

Tracey Bates, Sara Giesbrecht, Margaret Mullings, Kendall Laur, Damian Gorman, Lisa Welch


Social Work/Counselling Staff:

Sandra Chard:  School Social Worker/Attendance Support

Kristen Bogart-Smith:  School Support Counsellor


Your child's teacher has been carefully selected by the entire school team, according to a number of variables.  Please trust that these decisions are not made lightly and we believe are in the best interest for the classroom. We work together to ensure common goals and priorities and value your contribution to your child's education.