Dress Code

School is a place of learning. As such, students are encouraged to wear clothing that is
appropriate for a setting where students will participate in daily physical education,
recess, ‘messy’ activities and changing weather. Please consider the following when
planning your child’s school wardrobe, from FDK to Grade 4, and then in older grades
at their future schools:

1. Staff and students are expected to wear clothing (and jewelry) appropriate for school activities where appropriate is defined as:

  • Free of inappropriate language and/or graphics (weapons, profanity, and vulgarity, remarks/images which are discriminatory, derogatory or offensively suggestive, advertising for products which are illegal for minors to purchase)
  • The complete covering of undergarments
  • The covering to the torso (front and back covered; no revealing clothing)
  • Shorts/skirts are to be at mid-thigh length (minimum)

2. Footwear must be appropriate for participation in all types of school activities i.e. gym class and be conducive to safety. Students are expected to have indoor and outdoor footwear.

3. Running shoes with non-marking soles as well as suitable gym clothing are required for physical education activities.

4. Sunglasses are not to be worn inside the school unless medically required.

5. Students are encouraged to wear hats outdoors for protection from the sun during warm weather or for warmth during cold weather. Headwear is not to be worn indoors except on special occasions as determined by the school administration (Exceptions may be granted by the school administrations for medical conditions or religious reasons consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms).